The Best Time To Send Out Email Marketing Material?

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Having already this week taken a look at increasing response rates by contacting the right individual, we wanted to build on this and outline the best time for you to send out email marketing material. Of course, this can differ from industry to industry, however by following a number of approaches, you'll be able to determine the time which offers the best chance of a response within yours. 

Traditional Advice

If you asked ten people who've been doing email marketing for years, you can almost guarantee that most of them would tell you that, in terms of the best time to send out marketing emails, it's Tuesday to Thursday between 8 and 10am. Yes, it's common knowledge that the majority of us check our emails first thing, however surely the last thing we're looking for, amongst a sea of client emails, enquiries and other such important mail, is unsolicited mail shots? Whilst there's no denying that this is ultimately the time when the majority of us are in front of our emails, it doesn't mean our attention is there. In most instances, there's important emails to be responded to and actions to be taken as a result of those received. Email marketing material, as such, is generally the last thing we want to be reading over at this time and there's a good chance it'll go straight into the deleted folder.

Evenings & Lunchtimes

Ask yourself when you get round to properly checking and reading emails which don't need an immediate response? It's safe to say that it's probably either in an evening or, if you're lucky, at lunchtime. For many of us, the working day is none stop and finding the time to look over things which 'can wait' can be difficult. As such, we often either browse through our emails whilst we're eating our lunch (just as we have a glance over social media during this time too) or in an evening. As such, surely it makes sense to consider sending our emails during these periods? Whilst it'll differ again depending on who you're emailing, it's something which you should at least try. Why not send your next email during this time period and measure the results against your normal scheduling?


As with evenings and lunchtimes, consider trying out your next email shot at a weekend. It's certainly the case that there's far less marketing emails sent at a weekend, yet many business owners and decision makers will still be working. With very few client calls and emails to distract their attention, there's a far greater chance of your email being opened and actually being read. According to Experian, the volume of emails is lowest at the weekends, whilst unique open rates were 17.8%, the highest across the whole week.

It certainly makes sense that you should send your marketing material out when there's the least distraction in the form of more important emails and calls. Why make your email just another email in someones inbox when you could be perhaps a standalone email or part of a much smaller inbox if sent at the weekend?

Of course, what works for one business doesn't necessarily work for another, however in short, what we're trying to say is that it's important to carefully plan and justify to yourself when the best time to send is. In order to do this, you need data and, as such, we strongly encourage you to carry out some testing and base future marketing emails on your findings.



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