Building Your Own List vs Purchasing Data

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When it comes to running an email marketing campaign, you typically have two options for obtaining your data and business lists; you either put in place a plan and a strategy to build your own list or you purchase data from someone such as ourselves. Of course, there's benefits to each method and ideally, any strong marketer will utilise both approaches however we wanted to take a brief look at both to outline how and why you should be utilising each:

Building Your Own List

When it comes to building your own list, you have a number of options. You can utilise previous customer data (so long as they've agreed to you sending marketing material out to them), you can add a newsletter signup form to your website or you can manually collect data in your stores. All are great methods of building a high quality list, however it ultimately takes time to build a list of any great size and most of us don't want to wait that length of time to start sending out marketing material!

Of course, by building your own list, you'll ultimately have full control over the data and be able to collect the exact information YOU need for your business. This is a huge benefit, however for many, the timescales needed simply aren't an option. That doesn't mean you shouldn't be building your own list, just that other options are usually needed too!

Purchasing Data

When it comes to offering opted-in business email lists for sale, we pride ourselves in offering a fantastic range. From a full UK database through to data sorted by business type, by region or by job title, we are convinced that we offer the highest quality UK data for you to utilise for your email marketing. Of course, many are against the idea of purchasing data, however everything which we offer has been fully opted in and is of the highest quality. 

To those looking to send out an email campaign NOW, this offers the perfect solution. You don't have to wait months to build up a decent sized list, you'll have a low bounce rate and we'e confident you'll get a great response! 

We, of course, fully encourage you to build up your own list as well as purchase data and any smart marketer will be doing both, sending out regular emails and seeing leads and enquiries roll in!

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