You Don't Need To Be A First Class Designer To Have A Great Email Template

Posted by James Brockbank on

It's a common misconception that, in order to have a 'professional' email template to use when mailing out to generate potential business leads, you need to be a first class designer. Luckily, most of us business owners aren't fantastic at design (despite being great businessmen and women) however there is a solution! We all still have the need for a great email design and for those of us who aren't designers and don't have a large design budget, there is a great solution for you out there...ready designed and built templates!

Templates offer us non-designers (and those who maybe don't have a large budget) a chance to easily, quickly and cheaply put together an email to send out to our mailing list or to our newly purchased B2B data list and, as such, we thought we'd take a look at just three great examples available from Themeforest. There is, of course, many other sources where you can purchase email templates, however we love Themeforest and with over 710 templates available, you're bound to find something which works for you and your business! 

1. Product Mail

ProductMail, as far as we're concerned, is one of the most flexible email templates currently on the market and, as you can see from their sales visual above, offers unlimited variations with the included TemplateBuilder, as well as 62 ready to use HTML files. If you're looking for the ultimate flexibility with the least hassle, this template could be for you! 

2. IdeaMail


IdeaMail is another fantastic template which comes complete with over 70 templates as standard. Being responsive, you can be sure your mailshot looks great across all devices and with 5 mail layouts and 7 easy to use colour schemes, you could be well on your way to sending out mail in just a matter of minutes!

3. Campaigner

Thirdly, we urge you to take a look at the 'Campaigner' template. Clean, corporate and minimalist, this template gets straight to the point of getting your key points across without being over-cluttered with distractions. If you're looking for a template which is clean, professional yet multipurpose and responsive across all major email clients, head over to Themeforest and see the template for yourself!


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