How To Write A Successful Email Subject Line

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When you're planning your email marketing campaign, one of the most important things (second only after having a great business email list to send out to) which you need to spend time considering is the subject line! After all, it's generally your subject line alongside the time you send out at and who you send to that determine your open rate and if people aren't opening your emails, they're certainly not going to be making that all important purchase or enquiry! The hard work with email marketing is getting people to open your email in the first place and, as such, we're going to take a look at how to write a successful email subject line in just three brief steps!

1. Keep It Short & Sweet

If you're writing a short essay in your subject line, no one will give you the time of day! You need to ensure your subject line is short and sweet, always staying direct to the point. It's been suggested by Mailchimp that you should try to keep subjects to less than 50 characters, unless you've got a highly targeted list. Spend 10 minutes brainstorming potential subject lines to see what you can come up with. Ask yourself what would make you want to open your email.

2. Consider Using A Question As The Subject

It's often the case that, when sending out promotional emails, you can have a difficult time increasing your open rate. One concept to consider and to try, however, is to utilise a question as your subject. It's often the case that, if you ask a question as the subject, recipients will be inclined to open it, hoping they'll find an answer to the question or something which sits in line with their own answer. Again, when brainstorming subject lines, try to come up with potential questions which lead your recipients to your content inside.

3. Keep It Relevant

Whilst we've already looked at keeping things short and sweet, always ensure your subjects are relevant. Don't be tempted to mislead recipients in the subject just to get them to open your rarely works! Instead, focus on writing subject lines which are relevant to the content inside and that encourages opens based upon that. If you're promoting a 50% off offer, mention that. If you're offering a last minute deal, state that! Keeping things simple often works wonders, however always keep relevance at the very front of everything you do.

All in all, subject lines play a huge part in increasing your open rate so spend some time brainstorming what you're going to use and always consider A/B testing subject lines across your list to be able to back up your decisions with data going forwards!

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