Breaking the myths about email marketing

Posted by John Lyle on

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We often hear that Email marketing is dead. It's just junk mail.

But we believe this is 100% wrong.

Apparently disinterested recipients can switch into potential customers of almost any product or service, within very little time if their own circumstances change. 

In my previous life running a design agency, we used to produce million of leaflets that went into your electricity bills. They were sent every single quarter without fail to around 2.3 million customers and the response rate remained almost the same every time, but they were almost always different customers. So we did some analysis and research on these buyers.

In almost every case there had been a change in circumstance that made them become more predisposed to absorbing the information we were sending. It could have been a broken shower or home move that made them start looking for who they could trust to install a new shower. If the worst happened and they were burgled, then they suddenly became top prospects for buying an alarm system for the home and if the winter months were a little harder than normal, they started noticing information about insulation or heating.

Nothing else had changed. It was the same products, in the same delivery format, but their circumstances had changed. 

It could have been junk mail to them, right up until they needed it and then it became a beautifully targeted and effective sales mailing.

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