Why Good data matters

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We are firm believers in the power of email marketing, so much so that for various businesses and individual we have sent well over 1,000 email campaigns on their behalf in the last 12 months. But it's also why we're here. We learnt very quickly that good data matters. Buy the bad stuff and it isn't just a waste of money, but it can do real harm to your domain and ultimately your whole business too.

When we formed Trusted Business Lists, we did so for many reasons, which you can read about here, but the main one was that we were just completely fed up with data that just didn't work. So here are a few stats to compare:

Cheap data bounce rate 80%

Okay data bounce rate 25%

Brilliant data bounce rate 10-15%

Reducing the risk

If you set yourself up right with the email provider you can reduce your Spam rating to be very low and this helps delivery rate massively, but where bad data can cause real harm is in the damage it does via your ISP. They all work very closely with Google and will report back every time you get an email marked as Spam by a recipient who takes exception to you mailing them. With as little as FIVE Spam marks in a month, you can see your delivery rate fall of a cliff, just by using some bad data and thinking 'how bad can it be?'

Well, the answer is very bad.

It can do irreparable harm to your domain and quite quickly erode any good work you are doing elsewhere by ensuring you just don't turn up in the search.

So, think carefully. Buy good data cheaply not cheap data. I think that's where we come in......

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