Mailing lists for new business development

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Mailing Lists for new business development

Mailing lists are the ammunition you need for a concerted new business development push. If you get the right ones, they can be a powerful weapon in a co-ordinated attack. But there are a few simple rules to follow which will make you life much easier and your lists more effective. So, i'll run through a few of them.

1. Think of a list as a start point

The lists you buy from any supplier will NOT be perfect, but they will give you lots of leads if you work with them and help yourself to clean them and take hints from the feedback you get.

2. Remove the generics

Any email system these days will NOT allow generic email addresses. So that means no info@, sales@, admin@ etc etc. If you leave them in, it's likely your data upload will be rejected.

3. Remove personal emails

If there are any BT, AOL, NTL style personal email addresses, then you need to remove them. Firstly, they are likely to get your list blocked and secondly, they are also much more likely to be marked as spam and if this happens a few times, it will damage your domain.

4. Don't do massive bulk uploads

If you upload huge great lumps of data in one go, it will also get rejected. I'd avoid uploading any more than 200 lines of data at any time.

5. Give the file a better name

if you call it 'dodgy data' then it will never get through, but if it's called 'Trade show sign ups Ohio November 2016' then it is far more believable.

6. Send in small batches too

Mailing lists of many thousands at a time will never work as they get rejected. I'd aim for a list of 250 to 500 or so max.

7. Follow up the out of offices, bounce backs and gone aways.

Many out of office replies give you lists of people who you should be contacting so add them to your lists and make sure you update new contacts and delete those who have moved on, so you don't try and mail them again.

8. Ring the clickers and maybe the openers

I've always found that the best way to convert a prospect is call them when they have clicked your link. Maybe not immediately as this might be too creepy, but the day after works well. That way you are speaking to people you know were interested enough to click to find out more.

9. Make up a new clean list

If you have your own CRM system, then those who click are fair game to me, so I add them to my own CRM and keep in more regular contact with them as a warmer prospect than they were coming off a 'cold' list.

10 Kiss a lot of frogs and find your Princes

Mailing for new business is a numbers game. You have to kiss a lot of frogs to find the princes amongst them. So don't be put off by low open rates and clicks, just keep going at it consistently and calmly. Aggressive techniques don't work, but slow and steady pays in the end.

And that's it. Easy. 


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