About Us

Trusted Business Data is a Nottingham based company which was borne out of the frustration of buying data that is simply awful. You know the stuff, you've probably bought it before. It clogs up your email system with bounces, gets you ticked off by your email provider for it not being double opt in data and generally gives our industry a bad name.

Well our data is different, we scour the markets for the best stuff out there for you, so you don't need to. You can trust us to supply data that works, data that wins you new business and drives new customers to your doors. We aren't claiming it is miles better than any other provider on the market, but we are saying it is very good and offers exceptional value for money - better in fact than any other provider we have bought from in the past ourselves.

So how do we do such good quality data so cheap?

Well, we're small for a start. We don't have big overheads and we're not greedy. It's a small team but we know what we're doing as we've been using data lists for years and can seriously tell the difference between good and bad.

We buy in bulk, so when we buy data it's from the very best suppliers in the market and we break that bulk into usable pieces, so you can buy as much or as little as you like.

Think of it like shopping for fresh ingredients. Buy what you need for now and can use whilst it's fresh and when you need more, come back and get some new stuff, making sure we've updated in the meantime.

Frankie and Johnny of Trusted Business Lists who provide UK based email and business data