B2B Email Lists & Business Email Data from Trusted Business Lists

Are you looking to purchase high quality B2B email lists and business email data? Are you fed up of purchasing email lists which see almost all mail bouncing back? With our opted-in B2B data, you can rest assured that we've sorted the data, tested it and presented it in a way which is easy and straightforward for you to use. All you need is your favourite email marketing client and you'll be on your way to generating new business leads with our trusted business lists.

Our process aims to be as simple as possible for you. We've already done the sorting of the email data for you, so you can just get the data and then get on with your job. It works like this...

1. Choose the email lists and data you want and then add it to your cart.

2. Pay for the data using our secure payment gateway, who are Paypal. This will allow you to use any credit card giving you 100% security. You can use your Paypal account if you prefer.

3. We then send you a notification that payment has been accepted.

4. Very shortly afterwards you'll get an email to say your B2B email lists are ready for you to download. It's supplied as a CSV (.csv format) file for super compatibility but we can supply in loads of other formats if you prefer, just ask via our bespoke service below. If you would prefer an Excel file format (.xls or .xlsx) then let us know in the order notes and we'll send that one to you by return at no extra charge.

5. That's it, the business email data is yours and ready to go. Have fun.

Bespoke Service

Whilst we have done some of the sorting for you, there is always the chance that you may want something specific sorting for you. If that's the case and you can't see what you want, drop us a line on the contact form here, and we can give you a price for sorting and sending. This normally takes a maximum of 24 hours, but we can express for a little extra it if you just have to have that business email data NOW!.